Entertainment Industry

image Guzzardo has been making, marketing, and distributing movies since 1988; having worked on 15 Hollywood pictures and several independent films. He was Director of Marketing of Domestic Theatrical Distribution for the Hollywood studio, Fries Entertainment; Founder of Real Life Pictures, and Managing Producer of DiLauro Productions.

Among the 15 titles he distributed with Fries Entertainment were: Steven Withrow’s, “Friends, Lovers and Lunatics” starring Daniel Stern; Mike Simpsons, “Fast Food” starring Jim Varney and Traci Lords; Jeff Kanew’s, “Troop Beverly Hills” starring Shelly Long; Brian Trenchard-Smith’s, “The Siege of FireBase Gloria”, starring R.Lee Ermey, Jeff Bloom’s, “Flowers in the Attic”, starring Louise Fletcher; David O’Malleys, “Easy Wheels”, starring Paul LeMatt  and Eileen Davidson; Frank Kerr’s, “True Blood”, starring Chad Lowe and Sherilyn Fenn;  Peter Maris’s, “Viper” starring Linda Purl and James Tolkan; Mark Joffe’s New Zealand thriller, “Grievous Bodily Harm”, starring Bruno Lawrence and John Waters; Nigel Dick’s,”Deadly Intent” starring Maud Adams, Russian import, “Forgotten Tune for the Flute”, starring Tatyana Dogileva; Kevin Tenney’s, “Peacemaker” starring Robert Davi; “Night Angel” starring Dominique Girard; Richard Friedman’s, “ Demon Stone” starring R.Lee Ermey, and Jan Michael Vincent; and Richard Friedman’s, “Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge” starring Morgan Fairchild and Derek Rydall.

Prior to working at Fries, He wrote and directed the independent feature film, “Rocky Point”, produced by Doug LeClair featuring the music of “The Smithereens”, and distributed by Madison World Films;

Afterward, Peter represented Bashar Shbib’s “Julia has two Lovers”, starring David Duchovny and Daphna Kastner, distributed by South Gate Entertainment.

He also produced, Roberto Montecello’s. “Italian Movie”, starring James Gandolfini, Rita Moreno, Michael Della Femina, and Caprice Benedetti, distributed by MCEG Sterling, Orion and MGM.

Prior to entering the film business, Peter was a biologist and alternative energy entrepreneur working at the prestigious New York Testing labs. Shortly after graduating college he founded SunWave Solar and invented the solar insulating wall.

He is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a degree in Biology. Peter loves to play the guitar, explore the art galleries and restaurants of Greenwich Village with his two young sons, and enjoys “having a few cold ones” with his friends at the local pubs.

Contact Peter on twitter @peterguzzardo

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